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While this site is intended primarily for Masons, everyone may enjoy reading it and learning about our project the World Confederation of Masonic Obediences.Only the Forum with the technical presentation of the Confederation is reserved.


First question: Do the Freemasons have any real power?

Some people say they rule the world. Others believe they are little more than a club for ageing men, and now women as well, who meet for polite conversation and banquet dinners. Modern Freemasonry was born in 1717 in four auberges in London. Today it's still true that its members like to eat well and enjoy good company.

So then, what about its grip on humanity ?

The Masonic Temple, 18th Century, grounds of Betliar Manor House, Slovakia


Second question: So why do the people enter in Freemasonry?

Seen from the outside, Masonic meetings appear a bit strange: How can educated men and women, often holding high-level jobs and senior positions, subject themselves to following obscure rites, performing childish gestures, wearing clothes they wouldn't dare be seen in on the street (1), learning a language of symbols that our societies have long forgotten in favour of the more rational verb, hearing presentations on topics which, at first glance, do not affect them? What's it all about?


Third question: Freemasonry is spread among hundreds of organizations.

It does not control interactions between them. The relations between its obediences sometimes look like pillow fights. How can it rule the world then?  


Related question for the Freemasons::

Do you think that disagreements between the leaders of the main Masonic currents have no bearing on the real reason for this movement's existence ?


This site aims to answer these questions and many more.

Sometimes, especially in the Craft Chapters, it does so with the artistry of tetraplyoctomy (the art of splitting a hair into four parts). Masonic blogs excel in this - and this site is no exception. Enjoy.


(1) For the uninitiated, religious services or a rugby match may also seem tolerably confusing. Excuse me if my humour offends you, that's not my goal...

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